last week for prints!

i promise that VERY soon i’ll stop being a sales person on this blog.. but i just wanted to let you know that if you’ve had your eye on a photo print from my etsy shop- this is your last week to do so! i’ll be closing up shop because i leave in TWO WEEKS. eek! it’s getting real.. i’m so excited and ready to be there already! thanks so much for your support!



some gorgeous molly swanson originals up in the shop…. aren’t they amazing?! 2 sold as soon as they were put up yesterday.. better get em soon:) xo!

ps- what i still have on friday will be taken to the NOONDAY trunk show at pink tumbleweed! come see us at pink tumbleweed from 12-6 THIS FRIDAY (the 25th)


have i told you yet that we had the best visiting orphans team? like ever? i loved getting to know each of these people from so many different places! we had a little craft group- we organized projects we could do with the kids before we even stepped foot on african soil, so we got to know talk and know each other a little before we left. i completely loved each one of these crafty girls and i am so blessed by the friendships that formed through our visiting orphans trip. we had a blast in africa, and we started talking about a little reunion when we got back to the states. my sweet friend merrill (who also works for VO) and her husband hosted us at their stinking cute house in nashville. i really hope that i’ll be that awesome of a host someday. i guess i should start learning how to be a really awesome cook.. like um, yesterday. just a few of us were able to come, but we seriously had so much fun. we crafted, watched cheesy disney movies, ate fabulous food, had great chats and read the book 7 out loud.. and we may or may not have met the mayor.. here’s a little photo recap of our fun weekend together.

ready for another giveaway?!

yep. you heard that right.

the fabulous mari annelise thomas is giving away a FREE PHOTO SESSION!!

i know. awesome, right? that’s not all…

she’s also including some amazing products to go along with the session..

*a high resolution DVD of your edited images (with print rights)

*a 6×6 inch album

*an 11×14 canvas

all of that amazing-ness is a $900 value. yep. it’s that good.. i couldn’t believe it either.

so, now i’m sure you’re wondering how all of these amazing goodies can be yours..

it’s easy.

1. click the donate button at the top of this page. for every $20 you donate, it equals 1 entry. ($40=2, $60=3 and so on)

AFTER you’ve donated, there are a few ways to get bonus entries.

2. “like” mari annelise photography on facebook, then post on her wall telling her you donated = 1 entry

3. spread this on facebook & be sure to mention mari annelise photography = 1 entry

after you’ve done all of that, come back here and leave a comment- be sure to include how many entries you are good for and we will put your name in the raffle!

two weeks from today we will announce the winner- may 7th… so start entering and spread the word!

one month.

one month from today i’ll be hugging my precious family and saying goodbye for a year to the dearest people in the world to me. i’m certain we will be stared at for hugging and bawling uncontrollably in the airport, and will get some crazy looks. i honestly don’t even want to think about this right now.

i’ll be sitting in an airport and probably freaking out that i’m actually doing this. that this is actually part of my story and i’m setting off on an adventure to live in a place i’ve known for less than two weeks. i will be living in rwanda for a year. in a cute crazy-colored house with two awesome roommates and not seeing my family or friends (unless they come see me) or coming home for christmas or easter.. let me just tell you that i don’t actually do stuff like this. i like to dream big dreams all day and pretend i’m going to do cool things with my life, but i really never have the guts to full out go for it. i have grown pretty accustomed to my normal, mundane, routine, comfortable life if i’m being perfectly honest. but.. comfort is not what God has called us to. He’s called us to adventure with Him.

so, i’ve started reading radical by david platt. i’ve had the book for a while now.. i’m a big fan of buying books and letting them decorate my shelves. when i said i’ve started reading radical, i mean i’ve read the first chapter. and then reread it. because i feel like there’s so much i want to just soak in.

i’ve been trying to make jesus conform to my comfortable, american ways.. i’ve asked Him.. actually, pleaded for an adventureous life, but i realize when it comes down to it, i am always saying no to him when he shows me He has an amazing adventure in mind for me because it’s out of my comfort zone. i’ve fooled myself into thinking that i am the one who supplies my every need, and given the glory to myself instead of Him when certain things have come up in life. i also realize i have also been influenced by what certain people think of what i’m doing, and i’ve used that to be paralyzed into fear. when i finally said yes to Him.. and really let Him be in control, not only was it freeing- but He opened every single door to show me where He wanted me. to show me he alone knows my heart and my passions- He made me the way i am, and He wants to use those passions to glorify Him. in africa. away from my family and friends and my nice comfortable bed. away from my financial security, my cute car and ability to have absolutely anything i’ve ever wanted delivered to my door within 24 hours. this will definitely be completely different than the life i’ve lived from the last 26 years of life. but, i’m so excited. i’m ready to be uncomfortable. to really see and appreciate small things, and to totally have to fully rely on Him for everything and not let myself get in the way for once.

i’ll be driving into my little town by this road in a month. i’m so ready to just be there instead of just talking about it. and more than anything- i can’t wait to see all of the cute faces who will be greeting us.

we have a winner!!!

this giveaway has been so much fun!! thank you for entering, sharing the word and leaving sweet messages! i should do this all the time.

ok, ok.. you’re here for the big announcement, so i’ll get to that…

tara provence you are our winner!!!

congratulations girl! and thank you so much for your support. please email me your info ( and i’ll get it out to all of the fabulous ladies who donated items to the giveaway.




lately, life has been… the opposite of quiet. it’s been kind of crazy actually.

after this week, i am so excited to be able to have some down time before the move. i’ve been really craving some peace and quiet and i’m ready to be able to sit and have lunch or coffee with people and not constantly be looking at the time. it will be good to have a while to “just be.” i know this time will go by so quickly, i just want to soak up as much as i can just being with people.. and eating my weight in chips and salsa because let’s be honest.. chips and salsa are necessities in life that i will miss desperately. i lived in australia for a summer when i was in college, and next to my friends and family that’s what i missed the most.

i’m making lists of what all i need to bring with me. and i’m praying it will all fit into my bags. i might just bring a few changes of clothes and just focus on filling my bags with craft supplies.. because it’s really freaking me out that i have no idea what i’m going to be able to craft with. i wonder what martha stewart would do in this situation..

maybe my next blog post will not be so blah. but that’s a little life update for ya! i’ll have more to share soon. i have about 4 million photos i have to edit for clients and personal stuff. but i’ll leave you one for now of a face i’m dying to see in a little over a month!! (PS- have you checked out the little giveaway i’m having? better enter before it ends wednesday!!)

it’s a good day for a giveaway..

oh, hey. i know why you’re here.. i’ve been just as excited, i promise.

feather necklace- my billie designs

hattie cowl by rylie renee


handmade purse by rylie renee

yard drying- 11x14 photo print by kristen anderson

three fabulous card sets by brittany ingram

three fabulous card sets by brittany ingram

three fabulous card sets by brittany ingram

olive you handmade pillow case by olive handmade

in christ alone 12x12 mounted print by redletterwords

handpainted bag by danielle kiser

handpainted bag by danielle kiser

home banner + office goodies by papercutzmidland

cameo necklace by deux handmade: exclusively at pink tumbleweed midland

aren’t they all amazing?! a HUGE thank you goes out to each of these sweet girls who donated something to this giveaway. i adore each one of them! not only were they willing to respond to some crazy person emailing them, they have been keeping in touch- and i’ve loved being able to connect with these awesome, godly women that live all around the world. how stinking cool is that?

so, i’m calling this a giveaway, but there’s also a little catch. you know i’m trying to fundraise to live in africa, right? i’d totally appreciate you clicking the donate button on the top header of this page. each dollar you donate equals one entry in the giveaway. donate $1? that’s 1 entry. donate $50? that’s 50 entries.. the more you give, the better odds you have! and who wouldn’t want better odds at winning all of these amazing goodies?

to enter:

leave a comment on this post. (sometimes i think these are a little awkward.. what are you supposed to say? pick me.. i’m awesome and want cute stuff? awk.. so, instead i want to know where your favorite place on earth is. and what your favorite thing about it is.) also be sure to include the number of entries you’re good for.(please be sure to include the number beside your name so i’ll know how many times to enter your name!)

giveaway will end one week from today- april 11th. one winner takes ALL!

be sure to share this giveaway with your friends.. think about it- if they win, you can totally “borrow” all of these cute items from them:) feel free to share the word on facebook, twitter, on your blog, via telegram.. however you like to get the word out. i’d totally think you were an absolute doll if you did that.

after you comment, go check out all of my fabulous donors shops and blogs for more cuteness! xo!

my billie designs

rylie renee

brittany ingram




danielle kiser (contact me for her email if you’d like a custom order!)

new paintings!

i’m so excited to share the fabulous new paintings molly gave me! they’re now up in my shop. didn’t she do an amazing job?! i can’t even begin to choose a favorite.. they are ALL gorgeous and so wonderfully different. i am absolutely enthralled by the first one. it’s stunning! go check all them out and feel free to share the link with your friends:)

thanks so much for your continued support! xo.


i’m so excited to announce a fun little giveaway that will be happening on my blog on april 11th!

i have been talking to some fabulous crafty ladies who are all amazingly creative and are friends from midland- or awesome people i adore online. prepare yourself-  it’s gonna be big. there are going to be some AMAZING items up for grabs- and some links to some fun blogs and etsy shops! you won’t want to miss it.

 i just wanted to put something up in case YOU are also crafty and wonderful and would like to donate something to this little giveaway.. email me at: or comment on this post and i’ll give you more details.

i’ll be posting all of the items april 4th, so be watching for that! can’t wait.

did i tell you it’s going to be fabulous yet? k.. just checking.